LITHIUM BATTERY-CHARGER RENTAL - Tecmate OptiMate® TM-471 Lithium Ion Battery Charger - .8 Amp, Works with All Lithium 12 Volt Batteries

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This listing allows you to rent a lithium battery charger.


  • Once the purchase is made, the charger will ship out.
  • You have 30 days to return the charger (at your expense) for a full refund minus the rental fee of $20, which covers shipping to you and the rental charge.

Please return the charger to the following address:

Billet Proof Designs

ATTN: Rentals

70 Rahns Road

Collegeville, PA 19426

  • If the charger is returned without the original packaging, accessories, terminal clamps or the unit is damaged, it will come out of your refund.
  • If you do not return the charger after 30 days, you can simply hold onto it and no refund will be issued.


Product Information:

Whether your bike sits for the winter or hits the track regularly, this is the charger for ANY 12 Volt Lithium/Antigravity Battery in ANY situation!  

A lower amp FULLY AUTOMATIC charger/maintainer for ALL 12 volt lithium batteries.


• The most cost-effective solution for long-term maintenance of 12V lithium (lifepo4) batteries in any vehicle stored in or outdoors.

Fully Automatic “Plug and Play” - Simply connect to the battery and plug it into the nearest power socket, the rest is fully automatic.

• Automatically brings the battery to full charge with 0.8A constant current and then switches to the unique Optimate battery-saving maintenance charge mode to keep the battery 100% ready and at the same time provides power to the onboard computer, display or antitheft alarms.

• Recommended for Lifepo4 lithium battery brands.

• Weatherproof and lightweight weighs in at 1 lb.

Includes all safety features such as reverse polarity protection, no spark connection; approved to UL and CSA safety standards for automatic battery chargers.

• We also offer a faster 5 Amp charging unit (Model TM-291) that provides testing and recovery of lithium batteries.  

3 year limited warranty.



“Body” of Charger

Length             =          6"        

Width              =          2.5"     

Height             =          1.5"

Weight             =          1 lb



• (1) Fully automatic battery charger.

• (1) Direct connect fused harness / permanent ringlet connector with weatherproof cap.

• (1) Set of positive and negative battery clips.


We also offer a faster, more powerful 5 Amp Optimate charger.