About Billet Proof Designs


Our Company:

Welcome to Billet Proof Designs – your home for top-quality aftermarket motorcycle parts and a haven for fellow riders who live and breathe the thrill of two-wheels.I'm Damian, the founder of this passion-driven venture, and I'm here to share with you the heart and soul of what makes us who we are.


For over a decade and a half, Billet Proof Designs has been more than just a company – it's a labor of love, a testament to the enduring spirit of motorcycle enthusiasts. With a small but dedicated team consisting of myself, Damian, along with Dan, Mervyn, and our part-time extraordinaire Cam, we've nurtured this business from the ground up. We don't just sell parts; we live and ride with the very products we offer. 


I've personally spent four decades enjoying what motorcycles have to offer.  Motorcycles have been my escape, my therapy, and my unyielding source of happiness. The roads and trials have been my confidant, witnessing my thoughts and dreams unfold as the miles rolled by. It's this unbreakable connection to th8e world of motorcycles that led to the birth of Billet Proof Designs.


But Billet Proof isn't just about us – it's about you, our extended family of riders. We understand the longing for that perfect ride, the pursuit of upgrading your machine to match your vision. Our goal is to connect with you, to understand your aspirations, and to provide more than just parts – to offer you a piece of the passion that fuels our very existence.


We've never lost sight of the fact that our journey is intertwined with yours. The trust you place in us is a driving force to push our boundaries and exceed your expectations. Our commitment to customer service isn't just a business practice; it's a reflection of the camaraderie that exists within the motorcycle community. We strive to provide the parts you need at the most competitive prices, backed by the knowledge and experience that come from years in the saddle.


So, as you explore our website, remember that when you support Billet Proof Designs, you're not just buying parts – you're embracing a lifestyle, becoming a part of a community that shares your enthusiasm for the open road. We're riders, just like you, and we're here to ensure that your journey is as extraordinary as the destination.


Thank you for being a part of our story, and here's to countless miles of adventure ahead.


Ride on and ride hard,




Our Location:

  • Billet Proof is located at 70 Rahns Road Collegeville, PA 19426. We have a showroom, office, warehouse, and fabrication shop that is currently closed to the public.
  • We are accepting walk-ins by APPOINTMENT ONLY. 
  • Visit our contact us page for our business hours, phone #, and email.